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TrippaTrading is an online copy trading platform with traders who have up to 7 years of experience. Together we strive for professional capital growth. Do we not achieve success for you? Then you will get all your money back.

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– C++
– Python
– Android Studio
– Blender
– Lua
– Blockchain Technologies
– Buildbox
– WordPress
– Roblox studio
– Linux
– Windows & Windows Server
– building and repairing computers
– Nginx
– Google Analytics
– Office
– Ubuntu 16.04-20.04 and other UNIX operating systems


Current projects

Kcalbcoin officially registered company (16 shares owned by Jonas Bellaert)

Belgium’s first cryptocurrency (Bandexcoin)

(only companies that have accepted to be listed here, and no private projects are listed here)

Creation of websites for various companies

Creation of bots, websites and software for cryptotargets (companies)

links (website)

Working on a large software project (more about this soon)

Own cryptocurrency (open source peer-to-peer network)

links (Github)

Open source android app for golem stats (cryptocurrency)

links (Github) (Golem)

Updated game with over 3.5 million players.

Links (Game)

Programming hash creation software Genesis for UNIX (soon to be open-source)

Creating Android games, some of which are already listed in the Play Store

left (gravity wheel) (Skippy Run)

Creating/updating the Android app and website for the blog/company Luminous Dash

links (Play Store) (Website)

Cryptocurrency trading bot