Jonas Bellaert, born on (June 3, 2004) is a Belgian entrepreneur, day trader, financial expert, and developer.

Early years

First contact with technology

At a young age, Jonas started using an old computer with Windows 98 operating system. As a new user, he already encountered several problems with his computer. He did not know how to decipher them, so he started searching until he found the solutions. Later, he wanted certain functions for which no software had been programmed yet, and so began his story as a programmer. This lasted until 2021, when he became an entrepreneur and trader.

Start as an entrepreneur

The young Jonas Bellaert was mainly interested in programming video games. This interest was sparked by Minecraft, one of the most popular games at the time. Jonas soon wanted to have his own server in this game, for that he first had to learn programming and he succeeded. In the meantime, Jonas developed 5 games, one of which even reached 4.5 million players in three years. After that, he developed games and applications on platforms like the Play Store, among others.

Jonas’ interest as a developer drastically decreased at the age of 16, as he saw more potential as an entrepreneur, financial expert and day trader. He started trading at the age of 12-13. At the age of 16, this proved to be a good decision and he finished his first months as a profitable trader.



At the age of 17, Jonas founded his first company called Bandexcoin, the first digital currency developed by a Belgian.

About five months later, Jonas co-founded Trippatrading, a company he co-founded with Rick Blockland, whom he met in the trading community. Trippatrading specializes in the crypto and forex markets. It is an educational Youtube channel that generates its revenue through affiliate marketing, Youtube advertising and the associated subscription where they offer crypto and forex signals.

In 2022, he also became a shareholder (16 shares) of Kcalbcoin, until now no further information about this partnership is known. It is known that this is a new cryptocurrency developed by Jonas Bellaert. Although he is no longer a developer, this is the last known project programmed by Jonas Bellaert.

Personal life

Personal Information

There is little personal information known about Jonas. We know that he was born in Bruges and grew up in Maldegem and Eeklo.


In the 4th year (secondary school) Jonas dropped out of regular classes. He wanted to focus more on his career, although school could no longer offer him any added value. Due to compulsory schooling until the age of 18, he embarked on an unfavorable school career as a web developer. This allowed him to spend more time with his career and pursue a path that was more in Jonas’ area of interest during the time before school.